Accepted Paper List

Accepted Papers

Paper ID Paper Title Authors
1 Minutia Texture Cylinder Codes Wajihullah Baig, Umar Munir, Adeel Ejaz and Kashif Sardar.
8 A secure service discovery scheme for mobile ad hoc network using artificial deep neural network Noman Islam.
12 The Impact of Features on Feature Location Abdul Qayum and Abdul Razzaq.
15 A Soft Robotic Glove for Assistance and Rehabilitation of Stroke Affected Patients Mir Muneeb Ullah, Uzair Hafeez, Muhammad Naeem Shehzad, Muhammad Naeem Awais and Haroon Elahi.
28 A Robust Segmentation of Blood Vessels in Retinal Images Farhana Siddique, Talha Iqbal, Sheryar Mehmood Awan, Zahid Mahmood and Gul Zameen Khan.
38 A Collaborative Computation Offloading Scheme for 5G Heterogeneous Networks Muhammad Bilal Khan, Sohaib Manzoor, Hira Manzoor and Md Samiul Islam.
40 BoDMitM: Botnet Detection and Mitigation System for Home Router Based on Manufacture Usage Description (MUD) Hassan Jalil Hadi, Syed Muhammad Sajjad and Khaleeq Un Nisa.
41 Erlang Based Server Selection Scheme Using Software Defined Networking in Datacenter for Energy Conservation Arif Husen, Syed Asad Hussain and Imran Raza.
53 Region and Decision Tree-based segmentations for Multi-objects detection and classification in Outdoor Scenes Abrar Ahmed, Ahmad Jalal and Adnan Ahmad Rafique.
54 Deep Learning based Techniques to Enhance the Performance of Microgrids: A Review Sheraz Aslam, Herodotos Herodotou, Nasir Ayub and Syed Muhammad Mohsin.
57 A Novel Routing Protocol Based on Congruent Gravity Value for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks Syed Umair Aslam Shah, M. Kashif Manzoor, Rana M. Amir Latif, Muhammad Farhan and M. Imran Ashiq.
58 Forensics analysis of Wish-Shopping Made Fun application on Android Suneela Pasha and Shahzad Saleem.
62 An Improved Industrial Control System Device Logs Processing Method for Process-Based Anomaly Detection Mukhtar Hussain, Ernest Foo and Suriadi Suriadi.
63 An Empirical Investigation on Requirements Change Management Practices in Pakistani Agile based Industries Kanwal Batool and Irum Inayat.
65 A Flexible Antenna on Cost-Effective PEN Substrate for Sub-6 GHz 5G Wireless Transceivers Fareah Tariq, Qudsia Amjad, Areeba Kamran, Rashid Karim and Arshad Hassan.
68 Quality Factors Enhancement of Requirement Engineering: A Systematic Literature Review Syed Manzar Abbas, Umer Iqbal, Sahar Ajmal and Khubaib Amjad Alam.
78 Security against Compromised Servers: Verifiable DB Queries Muhammad Waheed Akram, Muhammad Zaid, Naveed Ahmed and Shahzad Saleem.
83 Web Server Integrity Protection Using Blockchain Muhammad Zaid, Muhammad Waheed Akram, Naveed Admed and Shahzad Saleem.
90 NMPC based Trajectory Tracking Control for Nonholonomic Wheeled Mobile Robots Muhammad Zeeshan Babar, Syed Ibrar Ali Shah and Yasir Awais Butt.
92 Interest Flooding Attack Mitigation in Named Data Networking based VANETs Muhammad Umar Sattar and Rana Asif Rehman.
97 Real-time simulation of IoT Based Smart Home Live Mirror using WSN Rana M. Amir Latif, Laiqa Binte Imran, Muhammad Farhan, Mohamed Jaward Bah, Ghazanfar Ali and Yawar Abbas Abid.
103 Design of a Feedback Loop Circuit for Quadrature Error Correction in 90-nm CMOS Muhammad Haseeb, Muhammad Usman and Shabbir Majeed Chaudhry.
120 Real-time Rehabilitation and Fitness System using Depth Sensor Syyam Noor, Muhammad Hasham, Allah Bux Sargano and Zulfiqar Habib.
126 Design of Permanent Magnet Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Machines with Rare-Earth Magnets Mahmood Nagrial, Thushanth Mohanarajah, Jamal Rizk and Ali Hellany.
130 A Low-Cost IoT based System for Environmental Monitoring Nauman Khan, Khurram Shehzad Khattak, Shaukat Ullah and Zawar H. Khan.
135 Joint Sybil Attack Prevention and Energy Conservation in Wireless Sensor Networks Waqas Ali, Ghulam Abbas and Ziaul Haq Abbas.
136 A Machine Learning-Based Comparative Study for the Classiļ¬cation of Septic Shock Using Microarray Gene Expression Data Arslan Ali, Ayesha Hanif, Arsalan Tahir, Hafiz Umar Iftikhar, Huma Shehwana and Mehak Rafiq.
140 Towards A Catalog on Variants of Design Patterns Ghulam Rasool and Hassan Akhtar.
141 DCNN and LDA-RF-RFE based Short-Term Electricity Load and Price Forecasting Hammad Ur-Rehman, Sana Mujeeb and Nadeem Javaid.
142 ERBFNN based Electricity Load and Price Forecasting Asra Rafi, Sana Mujeeb and Nadeem Javaid.
150 Risk Management in Agile Software Development: A Survey Muhammad Hammad, Irum Inayat and Maryum Zahid.
152 Optimum sizing of PV-WT-FC-DG hybrid energy system using teaching learning-based optimization Asif Khan and Nadeem Javaid.
155 Blockchain based Vehicular Trust Management and Less Dense Area Optimization Shahid Abbas and Nadeem Javaid.
156 Software Design Patterns Recommendation : A Systematic Literature Review Zeeshan Asghar, Shahzeb Javed and Khubaib Amjad.
157 Duckworth-Lewis-Stern Method Comparison with Machine Learning Approach Kumail Abbas and Sajjad Haider.
158 Spreadsheet Smells: A Systematic Mapping Study Awais Azam, Areeba Umair and Khubaib Amjad Alam.
160 Scheduling Charging of Electric Vehicles in a Secured Manner using Blockchain Technology Muhammad Umar Javed and Nadeem Javaid.
167 Randomness Analyses of the Secure Hash Algorithms, SHA-1, SHA-2 and Modified SHA Zeyad Al-Odat, Samee Khan and Assad Abbas.
169 Agent-based modeling and simulation in the analysis of e-commerce market Muhammad Umar Farooq and Fahim Gohar Awan.
170 Short-term Electricity Load and Price Forecasting using Enhanced KNN Tehreem Ashfaq and Nadeem Javaid.
172 Controlling Smart-City Traffic using Machine Learning Tania Iram, Jawwad Shamsi, Usama Alvi, Saif Ur Rahman Saleem and Maaz Ansari.
177 Web-AM: An Efficient Boilerplate Removal Algorithm for Web Articles Naser Aslam, Bilal Tahir, Hafiz Muhammad Shafiq and Amir Mehmood.
180 Cyber Physical System for Solar Energy Monitoring Sayed Shahid Hussain, Khurram S. Khattak, Ali Khan and Zawar H. Khan.
183 Heterogeneous 2-Phase Detection of Strongly Connected Components, and Classification of Graphs Sara Rehmat, Usman Shah and Sohail Yousaf.
198 Detection of Myocardial Infarction using Pulse Plethysmograph Signals Muhammad Umar Khan, Sumair Aziz, Asra Malik and Muhammad Atif Imtiaz.
205 Blockchain and IoT Based Formal Model of Smart Waste Management System Using TLA+ Saba Latif, Aniqa Rehman and Nazir Zafar.
207 Weather Classification on Roads for Drivers Assistance using Deep Transferred Features Abdul Ghaffar Malkana, Saira Jabeen, Ali Farooq and Muhammad Usman Ghani Khan.
210 Comparative Analysis of Different Light Intensities for Implementation Idea of Li-Fi for CPEC Umar Draz, Tariq Ali and Sana Yasin.
212 Server Based Task Allocation to Reduce Inter-Task Memory Interference in Multicore Systems Syed Aftab Rashid.
216 Electromyography (EMG) Data-driven Load Classification using Empirical Mode Decomposition and Feature Analysis Sumair Aziz, Muhammad Umar Khan, Foha Aamir and Muhammad Arshad Javid.
218 Design and Implementation of Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring Algorithm on DSP for Small UAV Applications Hira Imtiaz, Mohammad Haroon Yousaf, Hassan Sajjad Malik and Muhammad Ali Akhtar.
221 On Fault Localization Using Machine Learning Techniques Haad Ali and Tamim Khan.
222 Identification and Classification of Cybercrimes using Text Mining Technique Shiza Andleeb, Rashid Ahmed, Zaheer Ahmed and Maira Kanwal.
232 Test Case prioritization Based on Path Complexity Tehseen Afzal, Aamer Nadeem, Qamar Uz Zaman and Muddassar Sindhu.
237 Evaluating Smartphone Screen Divisions for Designing Blind-Friendly Touch-Based Interfaces Shah Khusro, Badam Niazi, Akif Khan and Iftikhar Alam.
239 Usability Barriers in Smart TV User Interfaces: A Review and Recommendations Iftikhar Alam, Shah Khusro and Mumtaz Khan.
243 Design of Configurable Digital Spike Filtering Circuits in 130 nm CMOS Process Imran Ali, Huo Yingge, Muhammad Riaz Ur Rehman, Muhammad Asif and Kang-Yoon Lee.
246 Tracking the Ripple Impact of Code Changes through Version Control Systems Ali Irfan and Arif Ur Rahman.
249 K-Anonymity without the Prior Value of the Threshold k: Revisited Khan Farhan Rafat.
253 Discovering Semantic Relationships among PDF Book Figures using Contextual and Visual Similarity Sehrish Rafiq, Shah Khusro and Nosheen Fayyaz.
274 Comparison of Water Flows between Various Channels under Different Circumstances Talat Nazir.
275 Numerical Modeling of One Dimensional Unsteady Flow in Parabolic Channel Talat Nazir, Sohail Ahmad Awan and Bahadar Nawab Khattak.

PhD Symposium

Paper ID Paper Title Authors
37 BCALS-An Immutable Audit Log Management System Empowered with Semantics Ahmad Ali, Mansoor Ahmed and Abid Khan
59 Linear time compression of commuters' trajectory data for smart city administration Maryam Bashir, Jawad Ashraf and Asad Habib.
60 Resource Allocation and Bandwidth Optimization in SDN-Based Cellular Network Sahrish Khan and Munam Ali Shah.
89 Software Requirements Engineering Maturity Model (SREMM) in Offshore Software Development Outsourcing Muhammad Shafiq, Qinghua Zhang and Muhammad Azeem Akbar.
168 Enabling Test Case Prioritization For Component Based Software Development Sadia Ali and Yaser Hafeez.