Web, Application Development & Data Mining

Track Co-chair(s):

  1. Simon James Fong, University of Macau, China
  2. Sohail Asghar, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan
  3. Manzoor Ilahi Tamimy, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan
  • Distributed Applications
  • Digital Contents
  • Information Assurance, Security and Privacy Issues
  • Intelligent Computing for Smart Home
  • Mobile Applications
  • Social Computing
  • Web Applications, E-Commerce and E-Services
  • Regression/Classification
  • Time series forecasting
  • Segmentation/Clustering/Association
  • Deviation and outlier detection
  • Explorative and visual data mining
  • Web mining
  • Mining text and semi-structured data
  • Temporal and spatial data mining
  • Multimedia mining (audio/video)
  • Mining "Big Data"
  • Data Mining Algorithms and Process
  • Emerging technologies in data mining
  • Data Mining Applications (examples: data mining in education, marketing, finance and financial services, business applications, medicine, bioinformatics, biological sciences, science and technology, industry and government)