Accepted Paper List

Accepted Papers

Paper ID Title Author(s)
29 FIG based Quality Assurance in Software Product Lines Nazish Yousaf, Rida Sheikh and Muhammad Abbas
36 Towards a process model for Service-Oriented Development of Embedded Software Systems Muhammad Aziz
39 Features selection and optimized neural network architecture for modelling flows in solar collectors Shahzad Yousaf and Imran Shafi
48 Density Based Clustering using Modified PSO based Neighbor Selection Ejaz Ul Haq, Xu Huarong and Muhammad Irfan Khattak
54 Reconfigurable Cluster Head Selection Protocol (RCH) for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensors Qazi Ali, Malika Bakhtawar, Omama Sohail, Daim Hussain, Sadia Siddiqi, Ibrar Shah and Shakeel Waqas
61 Existing Load Balancing Algorithms in Cloud Computing Irsa Naz
80 Performance Analysis of PID and State-Feedback controller on the Depth Control of a Robotic Fish Subhan Khan, Salman Javid, Noman Naeem and Irfan Ali
85 Modeling and Simulation of Resource constrained Vaccination Strategies and Epidemic outbreaks Bushra Zafar, Rehan Ashraf, Mudassar Ahmad and Muhammad Asif Habib
87 Evaluation of team expertise in software development organizations Muhammad Qasim Riaz, Muhammad Abbas and Sufian Irshad
100 Enhancing the Security and Reliability Performance of OSTBC Using Pre-Equalicodization Jehad Hamamreh, Haji Furqan, Zain Ali and Guftaar Sidhu
116 User Association Techniques in Future Heterogeneous Networks Khush Bakhat, Haji Muhammad Furqan, Zain Ali and Guftaar Ahmad Sardar Sidhu
118 Addressing ambiguities in software team’s roles and responsibilities Minimizing accountability problems Abdul Jabbar and Ali Afzal Malik
128 Automatic Topic Modeling for Single Document Short Texts Anamta Sajid, Sadaqat Jan and Ibrar Shah
140 Shadow Encoding Scheme A smart line coding scheme for network communication Abdul Rizwan, Tariq Ali, Jawwad Zaheer and Asma Batool
144 Secrecy Analysis of Relay Assisted Device-to-Device Systems under Channel Uncertainty Furqan Jameel
145 On Physical Layer Security of Two Way Energy Harvesting Relays Furqan Jameel
150 Implementation and Analysis of Novel Clustering Algorithm Without Initial Value Selection for Software Architectural Styles Data Set Qadeem Khan, Usman Qamar, Wasi Haider Butt and Saad Rehman
151 Ensemble of SVM classifiers for automated multi-modality segmentation of white-matter lesions Yousra Asim, Ahmad Kamran Malik, Basit Raza, Anas Bilal and Lal Hussain
159 Design and analysis of 15-level asymmetric multilevel inverter with reduced switch count using different PWM techniques Qamar Abbas, Abdul Majid, Jawad Saleem and Muhammad Arif
167 EEG Brain Connectivity Analysis to Detect Driver Drowsiness using Coherence Muhammad Awais, Nasreen Badruddin and Micheal Drieberg
175 Creating Domain Non-Functional Requirements in Software Product Line Engineering using Model Transformations Fatima Khalique, Wasi Haider Butt and Shoab Ahmad Khan
179 Various Meterological Parameters Effect on GSM Radio Signal Propagation for a Moderate Area Luqman Ali, Imtiaz Alam, Syed Asim Ali Shah and Muneeb Yaqoob
181 Sketch-based Facial Expression Recognition for Human Figure Drawing Psychological Test Momina Moetesum, Tasneem Aslam, Hassan Saeed, Imran Siddiqi and Uzma Masroor
182 Energy Management Model for Energy District Prosumers and Utility: A Case Study of Texas State Iqrar Hussain, Zahid Ullah, S. M. Ali, Bilal Khan, M. F. Qureshi and C. A. Mehmood
190 Human, Object and Scene Centric Image Retrieval Engine to enhance Image Management Humza Naveed, Gulraiz Khan, Saira Jabeen, Zeeshan Khan and Muhammad Usman Ghani Khan
191 High Gain Bidirectional Multiport DC to DC Converter for DC Microgrid/HEV’s Applications Muhammad Arif, Abdul Majid, Jawad Saleem, Fahad Khan, Qamar Abbas, Naseer Khan and Dr. Zahid Mahmood
193 A Comparative Study of Electric Vehicles concerning Charging Infrastructure and Power Levels Salman Habib, Muhammad Mansoor Khan, Khurram Hashmi, Muhammad Ali and Houjun Tang
196 Adding Temporal Dimension in Social Network by Using Link Analysis Farhad Muhammad Riaz, Rashid Abbasi and Zahid Mahmood
197 Multi-feature Enterprise Traffic Characterization in OpenFlow-based Software Defined Networks Taimur Bakhshi
204 Machine Learning with Abstention for Automated Liver Disease Diagnosis Kanza Hamid, Amina Asif, Wajid Abbasi, Durre Sabih and Fayyaz-Ul-Amir Afsar
206 Deep and Self-taught Learning for Protein Accessible Surface Area Prediction Fahad Hassan and Fayyaz-Ul-Amir Afsar Minhas
207 Real Time Sign Language Translator Zulfiqar Ali Memon, M. Uzair Ahmed, Zahid Abbas Ali Baig, Talha Hussain Syed and Umer Aziz
211 Evaluating Effect of Block Size in Compressed Sensing for Grayscale Images Muhammad Abdur Rehman Hashmi and Rana Hammad Raza
214 Ligature Analysis-based Urdu OCR Framework Zaheer Ahmed, Khalid Iqbal, Irfan Mehmood and Muhammad Adnan Ayub
216 A Holistic Approach for Recognition of Complete Urdu Ligatures using Hidden Markov Models Israr Uddin, Imran Siddiqi and Shehzad Khalid
217 AAGV: A Cluster Based Multicast Routing Protocol for Autonomous Aerial and Ground Vehicles Communication in VANET Waqar Farooq, Muazzam Ali Khan, Dr Saad Rehman, Nazar Abbas Saqib and Muhammad Abbas
220 A methodology for impact evaluation of refactoring on external quality attributes of a software design Raja Sehrab Bashir, Sai Pack Lee, Chong Chun Yong, Khubaib Amjid Alam and Raja Wasim Ahmad
223 Sum-of-the-Parts Valuation-based Scheduling of Parallel Applications over Global Grid. Aroosa Hameed and Muhammad Usman
225 Gaussian Cellular Automata Model for the Classification of points inside 2D grid patterns Mammona Qudsia and Mehreen Saeed
228 State and disturbance observer based control for a class of linear uncertain systems Nihad Ali, Waqar Alam, Ateeq Ur Rehman and Mahmood Pervaiz
232 Joint Power Management of Telecom Exchanges and Electric Vehicles using Hybrid AC-DC Microgrid Ahsan Nadeem, Muhammad Nadeem Rafiq, Muhammad Bilal Qureshi and Muhammad Jawad
233 An Efficient Security Method Based on Exploiting CSI and without Using Wyner Secrecy Codes Jehad Hamamreh, Haji Muhammad Furqan, Zain Ali and Guftaar Ahmad Sardar Sidhu
241 Resolving class imbalance and feature selection in customer churn dataset Aamer Hanif and Noor Azhar
243 A data-driven approach for ATM cash flow prediction Akber Rajwani, Tahir Syed, Sadaf Behlim and Behraj Khan
247 Proposing Optimal ARMA model for measurement compensation in the State Estimation Naeem Khan and Syed Bacha
254 Classification of Urdu Ligatures using Convolutional Neural Networks Nizwa Javed, Khurram Khurshid, Safia Shabbir and Imran Siddiqi
256 An Improved Control Scheme for Power Sharing between Distributed Power Converters in Islanded AC Microgrids Khurram Hashmi, Muhammad Mansoor Khan and Salman Habib
265 An Ultra Low Power, 3-Wire Serial Interface Design for Data Converters in Pin-Constrainted Applications with 180 nm CMOS Technology Imran Ali, Muhammad Riaz Ur Rehman, Sang-Yun Kim, Nabeel Ahmad and Kang-Yoon Lee
268 Achieving Load Balancing in High-density Software Defined WiFi Networks Ze Chen, Sohaib Manzoor, Yayu Gao and Xiaojun Hei
272 Eliciting Theory for Software Maintenance SLA Management Framework Irtiza Hassan and Ahmad Salman
279 GPS based Public Transport Arrival Time Prediction Muhammad Umar Farooq, Aamna Shakoor and Abu Bakar Siddique
283 Multivariate Covariance using Principal Component Analysis for Reconstruction of Bidirected Gene Regulatory Networks Mehrosh Khalid, Sharifullah Khan, Jamil Ahmad and Muhammad Shaheryar
290 Efficient Routing Strategy for Congestion Avoidance in MANETs Nousheen Akhtar, Muazzam A.K.Khattak, Ata Ullah and Muhammad Younus Javed
291 An Optimal Approach to Manage Responsive Residential Appliances in Smart Grid Zunaib Maqsood Haider, Khawaja Khalid Mehmood, Saad Ullah Khan, Muhammad Kashif Rafique, Faheem Ashraf Chisti and Chul-Hwan Kim
294 Combining Co-citation and Metadata for Recommending More Related Papers Shahbaz Ahmad and Muhammad Tanvir Afzal
297 On utilization of process mining for shipment request compliance checking: An evaluation of Smart Auditing framework Faiza Allah Bukhsh and Hans Weigand
300 A Fault based Approach to Test Case Prioritization Faiza Farooq and Aamer Nadeem
304 Towards Moisture Sensing Using Dual-Polarized Printable Chipless RFID Tag Nimra Javed, Ayesha Habib, Yasar Amin and Hannu Tenhunen
306 Performance Evaluation of Advanced Deep Learning Architectures for Offline Handwritten Character Recognition Moazam Soomro, Muhammad Ali Farooq and Rana Hammad Raza
308 Bluetooth Low Energy based Communication Framework for Intra Vehicle Wireless Sensor Networks Naeem Mirza and Ali Nawaz Khan
315 Sparsity of Magnetic Resonance Imaging using Slant Transform Usama Riaz, Fuleah A Razzaq, Amna Khan and Talha Gul
317 Modeling of Sewerage System using Internet of Things for Smart City Saba Latif, Hamra Afzaal and Nazir Zafar
324 Provision of Security in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks through An Intelligent Secure Routing Scheme Kashif Qureshi, Faisal Bashir and Abdul Hanan Abdullah
326 Better QoE for VoIP when using congestion control framework; TFRC and CoDel Touseef Chaudhery

PhD Symposium

Paper ID Title Author(s)
93 Validation of CPU-based Benchmarks for GPU-based Implementations of Linear Programming Problem Solvers Usman Ali Shah and Sohail Yousaf
104 Gait Recognition Robust to Variance in Viewing Angle and Subject's Appearance Hajra Masood and Humera Farooq
226 Towards Usability Evaluation of Academic Library Websites – A Critical Review and Preliminary Framework Malik Asif Jilani and Iftikhar Azim Niaz
230 Research Paper Recommendation Using Citations Proximity Analysis in Bibliographic Coupling Raja Habib and Tanvir Afzal
200 Context Driven Aspect based Citation Sentiment Analysis Touseef Ikram and Tanvir Afzal
234 Formal Verification of the xDAuth Protocol Quratulain Alam
278 Section Based Target Time Estimation for News Articles Shafiq Khan and Muhammad Arshad Islam
295 Trend Analysis using Temporal Graph and Data Mining Techniques in Academic Social Network Kamran Talib